In Mannheim Spedition Kübler operates one heavy cargo warehouse (Kapfenberg) and a trimodal transshipment terminal situated on the Rhine.

Here we offer both storage of heavy plant and machinery up to 400 tonnes as well as as flexible lease arrangements for smaller storage areas. The tri-modal terminal is the ideally located as an exit point for onward transportation by inland waterway to the Amsterdam / Rotterdam / Antwerp (ARA) ports.

Our locations in Mannheim are easily reached by heavy goods vehicles as a result of our permanent permits and good route knowledge

Heavy cargo warehousing
  • Warehousing divided into sections
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • pallet handling or
  • Small storage areas in the (and private storage areas)Kübler CityBox (auch privat)

Talk to us, we offer a customised solution for the your requirements.

Assembly and production areas
At both locations in Mannheim, final plant assembly areas are available.

Both the heavy goods warehouse (formerly Trafobau) and the terminal on the Rhine provides ideal conditions to deliver and assemble partially assembled systems on site. The fully assembled equipment can be further transported throughout the Rhine river system without many of the restrictions that apply to road transport .

Heavy goods transhipments


The terminal in Mannheim can be reached by road, rail and inland waterways.
Heavy cargo up to 150 tonnes can be easily loaded by crane.
It is possible for heavier items to be loaded via the nearby ro-ro ramp.


Schwergutlager (Trafobau)
Boveristrasse 22-24
D-68309 Mannheim
Telefon:   +49(0)621 / 86192-74
Telefax:   +49(0)621 / 86192-75
eMail:      mannheim(at)


Terminal Rheinauhafen
Rotterdamer Straße 22-24
D-68219 Mannheim
Schiffsadresse Hafen 2 – Becken 22 – Steuerbord




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