Projekte & Referenzen

The task was to take the test generator with a drawer at a height of 130 cm and to transport this construction within the test centre premises. Then the generator together with the drawer on the floor had to settled down.


The infrastructural obstacles on the test site were another challenge. In addition to bottlenecks, which only left 2.5 centimetres to both sides of the cargo, multiple channels and power lines with a mobile road had to be built over.




Because the uneven ground at the site can accommodate only small forces, a drop off of 860 tons by means of mast or other common hydraulic solutions was impossible (or only with immense effort to be realized). The solution of Kübler was to remove the combinable transport axis under the cargo and then to use them as hydraulic lifters.

So the load over the entire length of the SPMT could be settled down on both sides into the ground. This solution could therefore be implemented with highest level of security for the cargo and the staff involved.

Kübler thanks the company Alstom Power Ltd for the trust and the awarding of the contract.

Further thanks go to all involved partners who have contributed to this successful project.