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Although Kübler had already executed similar transport in the year 2004, immediately new route studies were made. Due to a new building of a heavy cargo loading plant at the Dresden’s port and structural changes in the route a new concept had to be prepared.

The convoy leaves through an opening in the air safety fence the Dresden airport

For the larger central segment two 14 axle Scheuerle intercombi platform trailers were coupled next to each other. Thus the transportation unit received a good lateral stability without tilting danger. However the transportation total dimensions thereby grew to 38.00 m length and problematic 8.50 m width and 10.30 m height on 215 t total weight.

Because of the narrow streets, additionally the power booster with drive axles was inserted. This makes a manoeuvring possible on closest area without tractors.

Soon it was clear that one can accomplish transport only with substantial structural and many traffic-regulating measures. Still before the closing of the tender, Kübler met with all authorities concerned to check what is possible. A goal was to reach with as few measures and handicaps as possible the Dresden port and to begin from there the journey with an inland waterway vessel on the Elbe until Hamburg.

At the end of 2012 Kübler won the European-wide tender and could plan the transportation execution for summer 2013.

Bottlenecks in Dresden Hellerau were simulated before at the computer


Flood caused trouble on the schedule
In the summer 2013 transport was suddenly stopped by the heavy flood along the Elbe, Kübler acted still during the flood phase flexibly and set the elements from operating grounds on an alternate stock pile.

After a two-month break the level of the Elbe had again so far stabilized that one could place prognoses. Kübler relatively at short notice made the further transport possible and arranged all necessary organizations within of two weeks.

At the end of September was the final “go!”. The distance led first across the runway of Dresden Airport and afterwards by an opening in the air safety fence and across temporary drives from aluminum panels on the public road. Here the staff of Dresden Airport Dresden was very cooperatively and helpfully and took over all air-lateral building works and supplies and the licensing procedure with the Federal Office of Aviation.
The tasks of routine on the further distance were that slopes of several lines, setting up retaining signs and removing various road signs and turning of signal arms.


Slalom on the motorway

Five times the center strip of the motorway A 4 was crossed around gantries

The passage on a section of the BAB A 4 became interesting: Because of some signal-bridges the carriageway was changed five times directly over the centre strips. This Slalom could be implemented precisely, because at all five crossings the protective planks were dismantled before and put in three places steel plates in the becoming green tires. Changing of the roadway within ranges became critical, at which the roadway exhibited a difference in height of 40 centimetres. Owing to good axle-levelling at the platform car however all transitions could be crossed fast and surely.

With such bottlenecks exact planning drawsings are essential

In the further process of the urban roads width and height of the cargo ensured for the fact that the planners had to measure each meter centimetre-exactly. Road-side trees, lamps, bridges, advertisement posters and fences were obstacles and it applied to find the most favourable way.

In the tree avenues each individual tree was considered

In order not to have to excavate several road-side trees, the decision was to use the broader side of the road in each case. This had the consequence that two gantries had to be lifted by cranes for the passage. Traffic lights and lamps were continued to excavate, as well as turned the arms of many lamps around 90° from the road profile. After eight-hour travel through the city, the port was reached on Sunday morning and the crew could recover up to the transhipment on Monday.


On the Elbe to Hamburg

Carefully the larger section is lifted into only the few centimetres wider loading space of the ship

The transhipment took place at the heavy cargo loading plant in the Dresden port. Here two mobile cranes at the dock were settled and the segment was set carefully from the trailer into the ship. The smaller cockpit was also set afterwards as additional cargo into the loading space.

As the flood was a problem, just low water level was set on the shipping day. Now fast acting was demanded, since the prognoses did not promise improvement.

At Airbus docks in Hamburg the sections were loaded onto industrial elevating truck platforms

After journey of one week on the inland waterway, the sections arrived in Hamburg at the docks of Airbus. After two hours the large section had been set off on an industrial elevating truck platform and was handed over thus to the client.

The thanks of the company Kübler do not only apply for our customer and our subcontractors, but for all the transport authorities, institutions and service providers, which were very helpfully and flexible to make this transportation execution possible.